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The vision for Amadeus was placed in the hearts of a handful of local believers after a series of short-term mission trips. It started in the mid-2000’s with a trip to Asia in support of the persecuted church. This was the first trip for Ryan Anderson, one of our board members. Ryan had been active in the local Church in various roles but felt God had something more planned and his heart was broken by seeing the huge faith of believers that had so little. A fire was lit and after leading a handful of trips and seeing the value for adult teams, the group took their school aged children with them on various domestic trips to Appalachia and hurricane ravaged areas for rebuild and children’s outreach programs. The group saw the immense value to such trips on those that had the opportunity to be God’s hands and feet on mission (Ephesians 2:10). Those that had the opportunity to serve got more out of the trips and grew in their faith beyond those that they were serving.


Past trips include serving Christ in closed countries, church construction and service projects in Cote D’Ivoire, coming alongside believers in Appalachia with home construction and children’s programs and Hurricane Florence rebuild projects in North Carolina. From 2008-2019, various trips were led by what would become the team of believers that started Amadeus. The team wanted to share the value of short-term mission trips and doing something eternal with the resources that God had blessed them with.

Amadeus was born. A key pillar of the mission of Amadeus is to facilitate and organize such trips for the local church with the goal of serving those in need, growing the faith of those serving and having team members gain individual insight and vision from God for mission oriented purpose in their lives from a mission based God.

“He sent Jesus as a missionary to our fallen world with a ‘way’ to come to a right relationship with Him and our vision is for believers to grab hold of this vision and find their calling from God in missions whether local, domestic or in far away lands.”

– Ryan Anderson, President

As we look ahead to what 2024 may bring upon our fragile world, the goal of Amadeus is to facilitate the growth of the Church, meet the physical and spiritual needs of others and help followers of Christ to gain insight and vision into their God given purpose.

As worldwide crises become more frequent and those directly impacted becomes broader, Amadeus will directly commission and deploy disaster relief resources to those areas to provide for physical needs of food, clothing and shelter while sharing the Gospel of Christ with the hope that others will come to know Him and join in His work of caring for those in need. The organization will also collaborate with various religious organizations around the United States through direct partnership, engaging with local Churches by participating in Mission Sunday activities to recruit volunteers, pool resources and maximize its impact in the communities served. Examples of direct relief activities to be conducted by Amadeus will be the provision of food, water, clothing, medical supplies, tools, hygiene supplies and other items to meet basic immediate needs and to assist in longer-term disaster recovery to those victims of war, poverty, abuse, natural disasters, disease, and famine.

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