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Disaster Relief Mission

As worldwide crises become more frequent

The impacts on people less fortunate becomes broader, therefore, Amadeus will directly commission and deploy disaster relief resources to those areas to provide for physical needs of food, clothing and shelter while sharing the Gospel of Christ with the hope that others will come to know Him and join in His work of caring for those in need.

Working with


Serve a community in need

Amadeus collaborates with various religious organizations around the United States through direct partnership, engaging with your local church by participating in Mission Sunday activities to recruit volunteers like yourself, pool resources and maximize its impact in the communities served.

Through engagement with the local churches, Amadeus will help teams of volunteers come together to deploy short term mission teams for the needs noted above as well as other ministry related activities, through logistic and networking support. We develop and bring short and mid-term missions expertise to the local Church to enable it to maximize its effectiveness in being God’s hands and feet to those in need.

Join the Amadeus mission team, where your help will be critical to those in need.

WATER. Provided clean and accessible.

Deliver clean water solutions to hydrate and save lives.

FOOD. Essential nutrition.

Alleviate human suffering from hunger and malnutrition.

SHELTER. Temporary and secure housing.

Help to setup tents, rebuild homes, lives, and the local economy.

MEDICAL. Urgent healthcare.

Help to distribute medical supplies, administer wound care, and more.

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