Partnering with Brook of Hope Ministries

In the heart of Kenya, Pastor James Mumo Mwalili and his wife Susan established Brook of Hope Ministries in 2013 with a mission to rescue, nurture, and provide hope to vulnerable children. Through the support of various churches, this ministry has grown significantly over the years, expanding its reach and impact. One organization that has joined hands with Brook of Hope is Amadeus, a group of believers with a passion for short-term mission trips and a commitment to serving those in need.

Pastor James Mumo Mwalili, driven by a deep sense of compassion, initiated the ministry by rescuing seven homeless boys from the streets of Kenya. These boys were provided with essential necessities such as food, shelter, and clothing, along with the invaluable love of God. Over the years, Brook of Hope has not only expanded to a new property but has also built a boys’ cottage, enabling them to rescue and care for eight more boys in 2022. In 2021, Brook of Hope Christian Academy was established, furthering their commitment to education, with additional classrooms currently under construction. The ministry’s impact reached a new milestone in December 2023 with the completion of a girls’ cottage, bringing in twelve girls rescued from homelessness, hunger, and suffering into the safety and care of Brook of Hope.

Currently, Pastor James and his dedicated staff are focused on their mission of rescuing, counseling, discipling, nurturing, and instilling hope in the lives of the 26 vulnerable boys and girls under their care.

“It is more blessed to give, than to receive.”

ACTS 20:35

By sponsoring Brook of Hope Ministries through Amadeus, individuals and organizations have the chance to make a lasting impact on the lives of vulnerable children in Kenya. Contributions will directly support the rescue, care, education, and empowerment of these children, providing them with a chance for a brighter future.

Together, Brook of Hope Ministries and Amadeus exemplify the power of compassion and mission-driven service. Sponsoring this partnership is an opportunity to be part of a transformative journey, making a difference in the lives of vulnerable children and contributing to the growth of the Church. Join hands with Amadeus in supporting Brook of Hope Ministries, and together, let’s be agents of hope and positive change in the world.

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